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Adversity University: The Dunk Tank Goes to College

As Rebecca and I continue to analyze human behavior and adversity within the field of education, we know that adversity and politics will never be truly eradicated, but we do believe that they can be lessened due to all of our commitment to schools and students across the nation.

As others share their stories with us each day, we believe that the discourse of the Dunk Tank is something teachable and trainable for practically anyone who is invested in helping children.

The Dunk Tank doesn’t discriminate against any one particular stakeholder in the system. So, sketching out who we are trying to reach is pretty easy:

While we will continue to touch upon all of these stakeholders and professionals within the educational system, we are honored to announce that the Dunk Tank has now been invited to participate in a collaborative mixed methods research study with the University of Louisiana at Lafayette led by Dr. Amanda Mayeaux, Assistant Professor of Education.

This national study (triggered by a data collection survey below) will examine and analyze the adversity that school leaders face within the profession, along with their identities and agencies (decision-making) as school leaders work hard to help both students and adult learners within our systems.

If you are not a school leader, per se, we would like to invite you to forward this survey to anyone you know who resides in education as a school leader. And, if you are a school leader yourself, or have been one in the past, please take a few minutes to fill out this anonymous survey. Your rights are protected under the Internal Review Board of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette as per our human subjects documentation on file with the University—so no worries. Your stories are safe with us!

Dive in and take the survey by clicking the link below:

As always, thank you for joining our revolution and for your continued support of the Dunk Tank and teaching others how to navigate, the sometimes, treacherous waters of adversity.

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