Rick Jetter

So who is Dr. J., anyway?

Dr. Rick Jetter

Ranked #17 in the TOP 30 Global Gurus of 2021, Rick Jetter, Ph.D., is an educator, author, speaker, trainer and national education consultant.  He has worked in the field of education for over 21 years and has held the positions of: alternative education teacher, English teacher, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent and superintendent of schools before pursuing a career in consulting, speaking, writing and publishing.  Known as "Dr. J.," he is also the co-founder and lead consultant at Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC and a 2021 fellow for the NY Education Policy Fellowship Program sponsored by Teachers College at Columbia University.  Dr. J. has written 9 books for educators and is currently one (of a very small handful) of scholars and thought leaders across the nation who develops narrative theory research models for transforming school culture and carrying out school reform initiatives.  

Rick Jetter
Rick Jetter

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Dr. J. is the co-founder of
Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC.  
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Rebecca Coda, NBCT is the other Co-Founder of Pushing Boundaries Consulting, LLC with Dr. J.  Friends, colleagues, and then business partners since 2016, the way Rebecca and Dr. J. met can be found HERE.  Check out their amazing story!

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