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Speaking & Consulting

 Topics can be easily customized by Dr. J. to address any audience in the education, business, publishing, or health/sciences field.  Some of his current and popular topics are outlined below:

PLUG-IN Circuit #1:

Activating Student Voice at Your School


PLUG-IN Circuit #2:  

The "Dunk Tank" Survival Boot Camp for School Leaders

(There is also a circuit version for ALL educators) 


PLUG-IN Circuit #3:

Creating a On-of-a-Kind School of Equity

PLUG-IN Circuit #4:  

Mining for Talent and Hiring the Best 

PLUG-IN Circuit #5:  

Practicing Mindfulness in the Classroom

PLUG-IN Circuit #6:  

SEL for All

PLUG-IN Circuit #7:  

Compassion Training for School Staff or Students

PLUG-IN Circuit #8:  

Anti-Bullying and Emotional Abuse

PLUG-IN Circuit #9:  

Teaching Kids about Life Adversities

PLUG-IN Circuit #10:  

Research-Based School Reform Methods

PLUG-IN Circuit #11:  

Creating Energetic Schools

PLUG-IN Circuit #12:

Team Building that Lasts 

PLUG-IN Circuit #13:  

School Board Relations: Working with the Wise and the Wise Guys  



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Adversity Awareness

The Calm Dr. J.

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Testimonies & Endorsements

Readers, Supporters, and Book Endorsers for Dr. J.'s work include Todd Whitaker, Brad Gustafson, Annette Breaux, Paul Solarz, Johnny Key, Kim Breen, George Couros, Horacio Lewis, Percy Ricketts, Cathie West, Danny Brassell, Justin Ashley, Tara Martin, and many other incredible authors, speakers, and educators.     

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What are THEY saying about Dr. J.'s keynotes and workshops?

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Check out these testimonials:

“Just awesome.  Every person in our audience shared how relevant and informative Dr. Jetter’s presentation was and how useful it will be for life!”

--Rosie Young, Executive Director, Kentucky Association of Elementary School Principals


“An exciting presentation that shed light into an area most presenters are afraid to talk about or discuss at any length.  Dr. Jetter created authentic connections with the audience by his willingness to be vulnerable.  He told stories of who he is with his whole heart.”

--Sandra Moore, Region 10 Professional Development Coordinator


“An amazing success, Dr. Jetter’s presentation was.  So wonderful just to listen to him and watch the room respond.”

--Carl Boyington, Executive Director, Utah Association of Secondary School Principals

“Jetter is a very skilled teacher, fun, and impressive in his willingness to be so open and authentic with his audience.”

--Mia Urick, Professional Development Director, Minnesota Association of School Administrators

“I’ve never gone through so many emotions while listening to Dr. J.’s stories in education.  It made me a better leader and, really, just a better person through and through.”

​--Elizabeth Schultz, Assistant Principal, Alabama

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