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Rick Jetter
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Liliana Mora

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Tara Martin features The Isolate /n./ in her training.


Dr. J. and Nikki Giovanni at NCTE

Most of the 6th graders at Washington Middle School call Cameron Elliot "Cam-Moron" because he pukes in public, scratches his skin until it bleeds, and even faints after seeing imaginary black dots.  The other kids think he's just plain weird--except for Cameron's only friend, Samantha Reedy. She lives down the street and wants to help figure out what's really wrong with her autistic classmate, since Cameron's doctors can't figure him out.  Plagued by the haunting memories of his father's sudden death and the daily chaos of the merciless bullies at school, Cameron just wants to be left alone to play in the cemetery behind his house, so he can battle his make-believe enemies as "Sir Walter Jones," a crafty, nimble swordsman.  But, Cameron's illnesses become even more constant and extreme until Samantha finally figures out what has made Cameron sick for so long.  
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