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Pokemon GO! Stay or Go?

Pokémon Go is just as interesting now as Pokémon trading cards were when they came out in the 90’s. There was such a sweeping craze about it then and there still is one now. Whether we like or dislike Pokémon, think it is worth the time or a waste of time, one thing is for sure: Pokémon is a discourse of our students and technological world and we need to learn any new discourse in order to better connect with our students and each other. We are taught to respect other diverse languages, ELL classrooms and instruction, and teach our students about having cultural sensitivity. While there are discourses within languages, Pokémon Go is no different. It is a discourse of a modern day language that is worth learning about so we can move closer to having deeper discussions with our students. check out more on this discussion by vising one of my colleagues, Dave Burgess, by clicking the link below:

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