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Publishers Shmublishers: A List for YOU

September 23, 2016


So, there you have it.  There are some publishers out there who will not take unsolicited manuscripts and there are some who LOVE to try out new authors.  Then, there are some in between, such as Albert Whitman who touts that they will look at all unsolicited manuscripts, but then lets your submission sit in a submittable on-line database until you've forgotten what you wrote about six or eight months later.  Then, they won't even give you an answer until you become so frustrated, enough, that they will make you want to delete your submission--which is what I actually did. 



The "BIG" publishers are those whose authors are destined for NY Times Best Sellers.  You can't even send them an e-mail--just to ask how their day is going; they don't respond.  Zero.  Zilch.  Empty set.  I wonder if they respond to their own mothers.  

Don't even think of sending them your book idea or manuscript to them, either.  You will never be allowed to get in touch with them.  I think your e-mail account will actually explode.  Mine almost did.  


Penguin/Random House, Simon & Schuster, and so many other "big names" don't care about what you write.  Why?  Why is this?  Because of agents?  Because of politics?  Because of volume?  I'm not scorned because I've tried to chigger in to their underground network: I'm just inquiring.  The funnier thing is that I work for a book company where these very same publishers actually work with us through a partnership!  They want their books sold in all possible channels.


Going the agent route is just as tough.  I reached out to 100+ agents, after researching them for months, only to find that they are looking for something that is platinum, not gold.  I thought gold had a pretty good street value?


It's s tough business, but an enjoyable one . . . Don't get me wrong.  You can self-publish anything nowadays for pennies.  Go for it.  Whether you land a publisher who will accept your manuscript or you self publish your own work, the REAL work begins when you actually have to MARKET your book--which is a full time job, in itself.  I'll save that for a different blog.  Until then, keep writing and go after all of the great publishers out there who will give new authors a shot!  There are tons of them.  Also, make sure you sell at least two copies of your work: one to your mom (hopefully) and one that you buy on Amazon (even without an author discount) . . . just so you can tame the amazon rankings at least for one day!  Below is a list of publishers who will accept unsolicited manuscripts.  Make sure you read their website guidelines closely so you know what they are looking for and what they aren't looking for.


For more information about writing and publishing, contact Dr. J. at or @RickJetter on Twitter.  You can check out his website at


Publishers that Take Unsolicited, Online Submissions


Stay Thirsty/Sullivan and Stokes                                 


Harper (Witness Impulse)                                                           



Sky Pony Press                                

Wee Creek Press                                                                          

Sweet Cherry

Saddleback Press                                                                         


Mighty Media Press                                                                     

On-Stage Publishing                       

Rocking Horse Publishing                                                          

Joshua Tree/Centaur


Summerland Publishing

Nosy Crow                                                                                    

Immortal Ink

Distinguished Press                                                                     

Pen L                                                                                                                           

Handprint Books                                                                          

Chicago Review Press                                                                 

Fat Fox                                                                                           

Hot Key Books

MB Publishing                                                                              

Sunbury Press                                                                

Allen & Unwin (Friday Pitch)                                                    


Lands Atlantic                                                               

Cedar Fort

Steel Pen                                                                                        

Little Pickle Press

Grove Creek Publishing                                               


Yorkshire Publishing                                                    

David Fickling Books

Strident Publishing                                                                      

Crooked Cat

Pants on Fire Press                                                                       

Dinosaur Books                               

Twilight Times Books                                                  

Austin Macauley

Olympia Publishing                                                                     


John Hunt Publishing                                                                  

Diversion Press 

J. Kingsley                                                                                     

Quirk Books                                                                                  

Book Fish                                                                                      


Kane Miller Publishing                                                               

Cider Mill Press

Medallion Media                                                                          

Penguin Ireland

Brandylane Publishers                                                                

Winter Goose Publishing                                             

Wipf and Stock                                                              

Destiny Image

Leafwood Publishers                                                    

Allen & Unwin



Wyatt & MacKenzie                                                                    

Jollyfish Press

Oneworld Publishing                                                    

Persea Books

Black and White Publishing                                        

Persnickety Press

Starfish Bay Press


Publishers that Take Unsolicited U.S. Postal Submissions ONLY

Woodbine Press                                                            

Chronicle Books                             


Peach Tree Publishing


Arthur Levine                   

River Road Press                                                                          

Bright Sky Press

Algonquin Young Readers                                                         

Boyds Mills                                                     

Dial (Penguin)                                                                              


Holiday House                                                               

Meadow Brook Press                      

Anderson Press                                                              


Little Tiger (Stripes Publishing)                                 

Clarion (HMH)                                

Absey and Company                                                                   

New Page Books

Square One                                                                                    

Wm. B. Eerdmans

Smyth & Helwys                                                                          

Faith Walk Publishing

Prometheus Books                                                                       

Tau Publishing

Larson Publications                                                                     

Kids Can Press


Academic/Non-Fiction Publishers


Rowman & Littlefield      

Solution Tree                                                                                

Cambria Press                                  


Guilford Publications                     

Crown House Publishers (UK)                                    


SUNY Press                                                                                   


Information Age Publishing


Non-Fiction and/or Christian Publishers

Baker Publishing Group                                               

Beacon Press

Red Wheel Weiser                                                                       

Barbour Publishing

Double Edge Press                                                                       

Crosslink Publishing

Findhorn Press                                                               

Crossroad Publishing

Bancroft Press                                                               


Electio Publishing                                                                        

DeVorss & Company

New City Press                                                              

HCI Books

Abingdon Press                                                             

Ave Maria Press

Motivational Press                                                                       

New World Library

Adams Media



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