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Help other educators to find comfort during our historical global crisis.

Rick Jetter
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Originally set out as a project to assist schools, districts, and other educational institutions to recover and emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, Recovery Mode was created to assist schools with ideas, reflections, and thoughts about the future of education.  Through a collaborative effort of 15 Pushing Boundaries Consultants and experts from across the nation and around the world, Recovery Mode is offered as a FREE eBook in order to help those in dire straits due to the economic complexities of our world pandemic.  Schools will face immeasurable changes for the rest of this decade if not forever.  Recovery Mode helps you to look at four major topics as you regain your footing and grow for the future: 1.) The Recovery and Healing of People 2.) Programming Emergence 3.) Learning & Instruction and 4.) Global Connectivity.  
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