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NCLB = "No Child Left Bookless"

See, here's the thing . . .

I work for this cool company called: Advanced Educational Products (AEP) @Aepbooks 1-800-311-1522 Website

And, no, this is not an advertisement even though I work for AEP.

This is something different.

Something BIGGER!

Check it out:

FACT: Every school or school district in the nation purchases books. Lots of other entities, such as libraries, jails, and not-for-profits do too.

FACT: Many of these organizations or institutions spend their monies with companies that either have restrictions with what they can get for you OR you are paying too much because they cannot give you the best discount available as a book/media distributor because of their limited publishing partnerships.

FACT: One Principal called me last week and told me that she received 30 additional books from AEP for her kiddos using the budget monies that she would have spent at another company ordering the same exact things! She was able to select 30 more titles! So, she switched to AEP for good!

That's insane! Aren't we supposed to be getting as many books into our students' hands using our already, limited resources? Don't we have an obligation to feed our students with as many books as possible?

See that pile of books in the picture up above? Those are FREE books that we are dishing out to schools and other organizations just for trying out AEP. This isn't a contest. It's reality. I see amazing things happening in our warehouse at AEP. Happy customers. Happy kids. Lots and lots of books for the taking. Lots and lots of FREE stuff that you can have for your students. And all you have to do is give AEP a call for a FREE no obligation quote. Sounds like a sales pitch, doesn't it? Well, there is no pressure here. None at all. Just books. Loads of books. Don't blow your budget monies or PTA funds anywhere else. You won't be getting as many books as you deserve. You just won't.

Plus . . .

We have a duty to enforce a new resurrected NCLB Policy! That's right.

It's FONZ Approved!

"No Child Left Bookless"

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