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School Supply Lists Gone WILD?

Here we go again . . .

Another year in the life of parents shopping with multiple lists in their hands which include multiple products for their multiple kids who have no idea how frustrating these over-the-top, picky, or insane school supply lists have become. Pencils? Check. Pens? Check. Paper? Check. A few notebooks and folders? Check. But what about the supply lists that start to demonstrate a teacher's OCD or a school's budgetary crisis that is placed upon the parents? Would you say "Check" to the following items that I hope you will reconsider purchasing?

1. Reams of copy paper? (shouldn't we be moving towards a paperless--or close to it--society)?

2. Multiple tubes of Clorox wipes (not Dollar Store wipes--the good ones, only)?

3. Toilet paper? C'mon!

4. Chlorine Tablets? (industrial strength, not residential) because it is expensive to keep the school pool clean?

5. Tools? What? Tools? Yes, screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, stuff that the custodians use?

6. Surgical tubing and 3 rolls of duct tape? I'm not sure I want to find out why.

7. Three pairs of scissors (ONLY Fiskars brand)? Only Fiskars? Does the school own stock in Fiskars?

8. A 6-pack of tube socks? OK, maybe. I get the sock puppet thing. I really do.

9. 30 packages of Post-it Notes and 3 combination locks? 30? Why not 29? 3? What kind of stuff is being stored in that kid's locker that they need 3 locks?

10. Beer? Oh . . . well, maybe not.

Rick Jetter, Ph.D. is an Educational Consultant.

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